I initially contacted Rhona in 2005 after years of feeling guilt, inadequate and using alcohol periodically to self-medicate. The alcohol abuse led to behaviours that placed me in circumstances which were dangerous physically and mentally.

I often felt anxious, depressed and full of self-doubt but I could never put my finger on what triggered and fuelled my bad days and what had changed when I had good (ish) days.

I worked with Rhona regularly over long periods and subsequently realised that what I previously thought were small issues that didn’t matter were highly significant. I didn’t want to bother anyone and sound pathetic as everyone has a problem or two and often the attitude is just to get on with it.

We covered many topics including my now ex-husband’s addition to gambling and porn and our relationship in depth. I was a serial adulteress and wasn’t really sure why as more often than not I didn’t enjoy or remember fully the experiences due to alcohol.

I was lucky to find a non-judgemental and highly experienced therapist. Previous attempts resulted in me meeting with therapists for one session then I didn’t go back because there was no connection and I felt extremely uncomfortable. It is not easy talking about your deepest and darkest moments. With the security of someone who knows what they are doing the task is so much easier.

We covered my historical sexual abuse and the case when it was investigated 25 years after it happened. I was terrified and heard the usual from family members. “Why bother now? These women are just attention seeking and looking for a big cash sum.” The man is now behind bars and I have the courage to tell my family the answer to their questions.

We then examined my sexuality. I had been married since 1999. I have two children. I’d ‘seen’ quite a lot of men. Therefore, I couldn’t be gay but at the same time I couldn’t understand my attraction to women.

All these years on I have a great family life with my 2 children and my female partner. I have my own business and continue to contact Rhona from time to time for personal development.

I have worked with Rhona face to face, on Skype and over the telephone. This is undoubtedly the best value for money I have ever received. I now value myself, understand my emotions and can live free of guilt or shame. I can have a couple of beers or wine now without the need to find oblivion. I highly recommend Rhona and it gives me a shiver to think what might have happened if I hadn’t lifted the phone at my lowest point in 2005

(name and location withheld )


” I would 100% recommend Rhona Petticrew. The work we completed together has helped me greatly, I can’t thank her enough!!! Rhona is the definition of professional and there was never a point during our journey that I felt alone as she was always available whenever I needed to talk.”

(name and location withheld )